Do no one likes me?

when i was in middle school there were a guy i was madly in love with, i told him many many times, and asked if he wanted to be together but he said ''let me be alone'' but in school he starred at me all the time, what's up with that guys? do some boys or men's know what this mean?

i feel so confused and depressed... i don't know what to think...


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  • Some things to note:

    1) A guy staring doesn't necessarily mean he likes you. Especially in this context, the things going on in his mind won't necessarily be so flattering.

    2) Telling someone you're madly in love with him/her before you have any chance of evaluating how they feel about you (ex: before even going on dates with them) is usually a really, really bad idea. Most people who do this probably watch too many romantic comedies: real life doesn't work like that.

    The confession of love doesn't make anyone love you automatically any more than I can just go up to a random stranger on the street and say, "I love you". Chances are that I'll scare them off and make them never want to talk to me while glaring at me from a distance more than making them love me back.

    It is so much better to just strike up a friendly conversation and ask someone out on a date. The odds of success go way up because they don't have to be in love with you to date you and they have a chance to fall in love with you over the dating process when you two spend time exclusively together. Also it's so much less embarrassing and you two can potentially remain friendly if the person rejects your casual offer to go out.

    3) Everyone has their own type of people they're attracted towards. Just as you might have crushed on this guy, he's going to have his own crush. The odds of you being exactly the type of girl your crush likes is often going to be astronomically low.

    It will be so much easier for you to find love if you don't fixate on a target like this. Try not to develop feelings for guys who haven't shown any feelings for you. Just casually ask them out if you find them attractive and see if the feelings grow over the date.

    4) I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but since you're asking for advice, you're a tad heavy even though you have some pretty features. We're all a bit superficial usually, just as I'm sure you were physically attracted to the guy you confessed being madly in love with.

    If you want to have your choice of attractive guys, it's easier if you can get in shape a bit and slim down, since while there is an audience for heavier girls, it's a much smaller one. The same goes for us guys usually -- if we want to win the affection of a girl considered attractive by many, we have to shape up and work out to maximize our chances.

    So while it's not absolutely necessary to find love, trying to get fit might help you choose guys you're really attracted towards.

    • About love, I get the impression that you are a romantic type who believes love is magical and there is a special someone that you're destined to meet. I want to dispel all that but only to help you find love.

      Love is not so magical. It will feel magical when you have it, but at the essence of it is just a desire for sex and intimacy. We might deny it since the human imagination is capable of fantasizing and abstracting it away to the point where the underlying sexuality is obscure, but that's why we don't fall romantically in love with people outside our sexual orientation.

      It's that deep-rooted sexual desire combined with imagination and fantasies of being with someone, of exchanging sweet words to each other, touching each other, passionately kissing, making love, that triggers romantic feelings. And all of that crumbles down if that sexual/physical desire is not there. Two people have to find each other mutually attractive for that to happen.

    • So the easiest way to find love is to figure out what triggers sexual and physical desire in the men you're interested in and cultivate those qualities in yourself.

      Unfortunately almost all of us will at least instinctively include someone's looks as part of what triggers that desire, and that's why I suggest that getting in shape might help with that since you'll have a wider audience of people who will be physically attracted to you.

      Note that sometimes people only have a physical/sexual attraction and nothing more. They won't develop any romantic feelings, and you have to watch out for those types if you're the type to develop romantic feelings quickly. Yet no romantic feelings will ever develop if no one has that physical/sexual attraction in the first place.

      So working on this will help you find love. Instead of waiting for prince charming, it's so much easier if you can work on yourself in a way that will attract the prince charmings out there to you.

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  • But are you still in middle school? If you're not I suggest you move on and you'll find the right guy :)


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  • I like you! younger boys can be very immature, hun, that's why many girls like older guys, don't take rejection so personally, you will have plenty of guys chasing you, you have such a lovely smile, any guy would be lucky to be with you :)

  • No, people like you


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