Me bestfriend is heart broken & is being dumb?

So my bestie recently got her heart broken, the guy was getting feelings for another girl & wanted to find himself.
She, of course, was heart broken I have been there (same situation, basically I know her pain) so I have been giving her advice but the route I took is opposite from hers. I cut my ex off completely out of my life, what made me realize that was once we were broken off he told me he would "always" be there for me and that opened my eyes up. So back to hers... she didn't cut him off she's been obsessing over him if he calls her she answers right away and now they decided it would be best for them to be friends with benefits. I don't agree because she's still in love with him and i know she thinks it'll get him to come back. I just want her to be happy and not get hurt so I gave her my advice and told her to just do what ever makes her happy. So she continued it. Turns out, he's actually dating that girl and my friend is not aware of the situation. He already introduced her to the family and what not, he's single he can do whatever he wants. My question after this, is what should I do? I want to tell her, but I know if I do she won't believe me, or she'll find a way to validate him. We've already had arguments about this, which is why I tell her to do what she wants. I don't know what to do, all I know is that Ima be helping her pick herself up again once she finds out.
What should I do? I feel like convincing her to leave him completely would be best... but she doesn't listen any suggestions? And what situations have you gone through and what did you do to get over it...
Me bestfriend is heart broken & is being dumb?
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