Why does she act weird after I break up with her?

OK here is the deal I broke up with my girlfriend because I just got tired of the BS with her. I don't want to get into it. OK fast forward to today and I am dating seeing other women and she knows this. Also she has a boyfriend. And I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm like "God, she's moved on." Here's where it gets tricky...she had my name tatted on her when we were together awhile back she told me she was thinking of getting it covered I was "OK its your body". She then looks all sad I guess and everything and I left it at that. Also she's has like made it a point to not come and get her things. I've asked her and she says she's coming and nothing...I'm thinking of giving them away. Anyway I saw her recently and she kinda like tried to avoid me because as far as I'm concerned there are no hard feelings on my part I did what was best for me. I had a fresh cut and everything people say I look like Usher and what not...and my thing is why does she make it a point to say out of her mouth every time I see her "I don't like you." I'm like OK yea that's kind of the reason I dreaded things. I try to keep it cordial but its like she's mad for no reason..it's irritating. We don't have to be friends but we can be civil.


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  • wow, you sound like your cute, talkin bout people say that you are lookin like usher, l0l, no wonder she doesn't wanna talk to you...she is mad about what she is missing! I know I would! and if you know where she lives then what you need to do is take her stuff to her house, its an issue on your behalf but just take it ino your hands and drop it off next to her trash cans at her house. its trash to you obviously. so anyways, she might be you know, going thru a hard time, you need to go to her house w/o her asking or anything, (before you do tht thing of dropping her stuff off) and then you need to TALK to her. things might go differently then planned ;)


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  • NOBODY cares if you look like usher...except for maybe the girl that answered 2 below me...but she sounds like a complete idiot. You sound conceited for even saying that in the first place so thank goodness she is rid of you, leave the poor girl alone. She's hurt and isn't ready to see you or talk or even be civil. If you had any respect for her you would understand and not be almost ready to give her things away. that's horrible. Some people need time to move on before they can talk, be civil or even be friends with their ex. You must not of gave 2 sh*ts for her if your already like "good riddance!"

    try looking at it from her perspective.

    she had feelings and you hurt them, she doesn't want to talk. she wants to get over it. stop pushing!

    • Honestly...you're coming at me like I'm the bad guy...no, you don't know the story, the WHOLE story at that. I never look in the mirror and say, "OMG!!! I look like Usher" no I'm not concieted. The only reason it seems like I don't give two sh*ts about her is because she did a lot for me to get that way. Actually out of RESPECT for her I don't say the reasons why I broke up with her. I do care for her, but you can't care for someone who doesn't care for you. That's the rule.

  • So, wow.. you actually care for the girl.. JESUS! ur like my ex boyfriend.. dumps me for whatever reason then wants to talk to me soooooooo NORMAL like if nothing happened. COME ON!. just give her space, she is H.U.R.T ! AND doesn't need to see ur face!


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