Ex emailed me after being apart for 4 years , I'm currently married. How to get rid of the guy?

So I'm happily married , have a baby now. I'm happy I left my ex from the past. In a short time I've noticed he was very manipulative and controlling , so I ran as soon as I can. He has emailed me out of the blue yesterday , asking how I'm doing. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about what I should do. Should I not answer , hoping he gets the hint that Im not interested. Or should I tell him I'm happily married , so that he knows I'm taken? Not sure which is a better move , to get rid of this guy !


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  • Just don't answer him, delete it and block it.
    What's alarming is that you stayed up all night thinking about it. If an ex emailed me id ignore it and move on, yet you were consumed my thoughts of this person. That's saying a lot.

    • Will this is the 3rd time he has emailed me. I didn't answer him. He keeps trying. So I was thinking since this strategy isn't working my next move would be to let him know I'm married. So that he know I'm unavailable

    • Your silence tells him you are unavailable. You keep quiet and he'll quit eventually. You reply and that tells him "Hey! I got her attention! I'll keep doing what I'm doing." Completely ignore him, block his email address. Send his emails into the delete folder so you don't even see them.

    • What's telling though is you being up all night thinking of him, and your willingness to contact him again - even if it is to just say leave me alone. Sounds like you have unresolved feelings that you should really leave buried now that you have a family. Don't go digging that stuff up it will only lead to pain

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  • The very obvious answer is to just block him and not answer. He's not a part of your life so stop treating him like he is.


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  • Just tell him how you're doing. . . . that you're very happily married with a baby and there is no place for him in your life.

    With a manipulative and controlling person anything else will lead him on. You're not being mean, rather you're being honest. Do this to protect your child and your marriage.

  • Delete asap, and block his email. Don't give any hints, dont reply, if you do you will be in deep mess. WARNING. And please tell you husband about him, he would have dated someone too right before you?


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