My ex is moving in next to me? What the hell is going on?

Ok here's my story. 2 weeks ago my ex broke up with me and moved out because her parents threatened to cut off financial support for everything including taking her car and college. I've heard she's been miserable about it. I just found out she chose the place right next door to me out of all the other places including student housing she could have chose. What the hell is going on? If she isn't going to be with me how can I move on?


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  • That's weird, no way she did it by accident if she knows you live there. Maybe she had no other choice but I'm assuming she did just to be close to you again

    • Apparently her parents didn't even her to move here! I don't know I'm lost

  • Thats so weird! I'd feel really uncomfortable if my ex moved next door to me. I have no idea maybe she still likes you.

    • I guess her parents didn't even want her to pick this place.

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    • Thankyou for your help summer_bunny

    • You're very welcome

What Guys Said 1

  • Well you can bet your ass that this was not a frivolous decision. Whether it was made from spite or hope is the main question. I would ignore it as best that you can and just see where it goes. If she is not done with the relationship, then she will find a way to let you know that.

    • So what do you think she made a deal with her parents to be with me but keep their support or something. Cause I guess she's torn by having to break up and according to my landlord they weren't too happy with her choosing the place above me. But she did anyways...

    • sounds like it (that would be my guess) no one likes being told how to live their life. sounds to me like she may be smarter than most.

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