I don't want my friends to get hurt. He won't leave us alone. We've ran out of options. What should we do?

Sorry, this is kinda long...
(There's a summary at the bottom but reading all of it would be nice.)

So... a little over a year ago my ex dumped me. I was torn up about it, but he didn't really seem to care.
About a month after that he started hitting on some of my friends right in front of me while he knew I still wasn't over him.
As a year passed I tried to ignore him on social media so I can get over him. But he kept trying to talk to me.
I just started to ghost him so he will leave me alone. That didn't work.
A few months ago he started texting me things saying that because I was ignoring him he was having anxiety attacks, and that he was suicidal and he was going to commit suicide but he couldn't find a rope long enough. He also said that he wasn't going to leave me alone until I took him back.
I kept saying no and that I didn't care.
He wouldn't stop so I blocked him on that account.
About a month ago he used my phone number to find my account on something else and now he won't leave me alone on there.

In the last couple weeks he has started bugging my friends. And at practice my friend pointed out that he was staring at our section and it was creeping her out.
I don't want my friends to get caught up in this any more than they already are because this isn't their problem. And don't want them to get hurt because they mean the world to me and he knows that, and he isn't completely right in the head...

My friends and I are all on the same page about him needing to leave us alone. But we have ran out of options of telling him to do so, he won't listen, and we don't know what to do anymore.
What should I/we do?

In short: My ex dumped me, wanted me back, tried to guilt me (via suicide threats) into taking him back, won't take no for an answer, and is now trying to drag my friends into this.

I don't know exactly where to ask this so I'm just going to put this under breakups.
(I posted this anonymously so he won't use my account name to find this.)
I don't want my friends to get hurt. He won't leave us alone. We've ran out of options. What should we do?
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