My ex is moving in next to me?

Ok here's my weird story. 2 weeks ago my ex broke up with me and moved out because her parents threatened to cut her off financial support for everything including taking her car and college tuition. I've heard she's been miserable about leaving me. Well I just found out she chose the place right next door to me out of all the other places including student housing she could have chose. I guess even despite her parents not being happy about it... What the hell is going on? If she isn't going to be with me how can I move on?


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  • I don't get why that would be a reason to end with you.
    If she's miserable for leaving you, then she loves you. I'm confused with your story. Does her parents hate you and she had to left you, and now she's into getting you again?

    • that's exactly what I'm wondering. like if she's just doing anything she can to be with me and get away with it. I just don't understand why her parents would allow it or even why shed want to. there's places all over for her to pick, it's a college town. cheap living everywhere

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    • That story is so weird... i don't even know what to say, wait some time to see if she comes to you, if nothing, you should ask her wtf is going on.

    • OK yeah I think I'll choose that method. I was like wtf when I found out. got to be the craziest thing that ever happened to me.

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