My husband just walked out one me. What do I do?

My husband walked out on me yesterday

Things have been rocky for awhile and we have a one year old daughter together.

He hasn't contacted me in anyway since walking out. He has given me no explanation for it, no time frame, no certainty that this is it and we are over or anything. He just walked out yesterday right before lunch after a pretty calm argument -it was nothing compared to some of the arguments that we have had - and... that was it.

I don't know if I should call him. Or wait for him to get in contact with me or... something else.

He's been really angry and short with me for quite awhile. I don't think he is cheating but... people surprise you.

I do know that he is with his parents at the moment and his mother hates me with a fiery passion - so I imagine she's being delightful. (Ha!)

We've been in trouble for awhile and knowing that I can't force him to make an effort I've been putting in the hard yards. I've been organising time for us together away from our daughter, tried to reinvigorate our sex life and just loved on him more. I'm human so I'm not perfect and I get it wrong and get frustrated - but I've been trying amazingly hard to fix what I can in my end.

He's never said that there is anything major - or anything that he can't stand.

I am at a loss. Do I chase him... Or wait for him to come to me... I mean, assuming this isn't some silent precursor to divorce.
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So we are meeting up tomorrow. He wants to come back. We're going through a three step process. Tomorrow to confirm that we want to give it a shot, step two to talk through our issues/expectations and consider him moving back in after that process and step three - continuing council King through that.
My husband just walked out one me. What do I do?
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