Farewell party for ex?

She's leaving the country for college, most likely forever (at least that's what she said)

Our relationship was pretty bumpy and it was more of a text one that a real one. tbh I never would say it was a real relationship.

it's been on an off relationship for about 2 years where we text and call about random things and eventually argue (usually I start asking why we can't meet and she says she hates me) and not talk for a few months and then start again.

anyway it's a crap relationship.

I told my office mate she's leaving and he suggested I should give a good farewell to her and be done with the whole thing.

and I agreed , I want to see the whole thing end so I can be at peace.

also I live a pretty mundane life at this point , doing something like this adds a bit of something to my life.

I met her through my friend , who is dating her BFF.

I told this friend that we should go give a farewell. and once his exams are done this month I'm gonna meet him and plan a farewell. want to do the Farwell at a cafe or smthing cuz it should be affordable too.

I actually might plan the whole thing organize it and never actually show up, though like in those movies lol

also I'm single by the way so no girlfriend whom would have a problem with me doing such a thing.

what do you think?


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  • I think you should just throw her the going away party... I mean after all, you probably won't see her anymore. And I think it's probably the bigger person thing to do and I'm sure she'd appreciate it. I say go for it!

    • yeah guess I'm gonna do it,

      should I get her a gift or something? ?

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    • I actually want to end things in friendly level, so maybe a letter saying goodbye and Goodluck I guess..

    • Yea I think that's a good idea

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  • I think bygone's should stay just that. The thing about people wanting closure is that they never truly get that when they still have feelings, no matter how minimal. No amount of farewells, talking to ex's or trying to get closure will make it better, nor will help you move on. People want to believe this but it's simply not true.


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