Even if you have completely moved on, do you ever think about that person still? or once you move on do you forget about them?


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  • Ancient history is removed from any thought or feeling.


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  • I believe that even if you moved on that person will always be a part of your life even if it's in the past, there's things you just can't erase from your memory, I broke up with my ex a year ago, and I still think of him quite often, he still comes up in some conversations, I'm not sure if I completely moved on, but I know I've moved on for sure

    • what if things ended badly, you have a new SO, and you broke up over a year ago?

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    • do you think you ever cross his mind? my ex and i broke up a year ago, he has a new girlfriend, and he said he doesn't love me. he blocked me on all social media but recently unblocked me. is it possible he ever things about me? i feel like he totally forgot about me and made his new life

    • You can never know that unless you ask him, and even then he might lie, you just need to move on, is the best thing you can do

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  • no, never. I move on.


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  • Yeah, I think about them but not in an "I want him back" kind of way. Like if someone was such a big part of your life until a weeks ago, you don't just suddenly forget all about them. Like sometimes I will be at a place we used to go together and it will remind me of them. Doesn't mean I miss them, it's just bound to happen sometimes.

    • what if you broke up over a year ago?

    • If you haven't been serious with another guy in that time then yeah, it still happens. And sometimes even when you have.

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