B/f and I broke up because I'm not wife material, probably because I'm still damaged from my abusive relationship and my past. Is it worth explaining?

I am way too damaged by my childhood and my abusive relationship to be anyone's wife material right now. I was suicidal 4 years ago and again 2.5 years ago and about 2 years ago I entered into what I didn't realize was an extremely emotionally and physically abusive relationship. Now that we broke up about a week ago is it even worth explaining these things? We were only together 8 months so I hadn't gotten to a point of telling him these things yet because I was scared. Should I bother now? I really want to because I just want to explain.
  • Yes you deserve to get to explain your feelings and he deserves to knkw
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  • If you think it might change anything you should explain
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  • You can if you really want to but it's not going to fix anything
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  • Don't bother explaining anything
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  • Don't bother explaining anything


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  • It is worth a shot, but usually when you enter in a relationship- its usually the time to tell.

    • But if I were you, I would focus on finding myself first. Taking care of me and knowing my worth because once you truly love yourself, then only then will you learn to truly love another. Otherwise, it will always get in the way of your relationship with someone.

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    • Thank you, I really appreciate it

    • Anytime chicka

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