Fight for what you want and when to know when to give up?

Me and my boyfreind dated for only 3 months. It was an amazing 3 months and we both saw each other as someone to grow with and he was my one. We connected on every level and everyone saw hoe great we were together. He fell into stress and closed off. After that he said he wasn't feeling what he thought he should and thought we were not growing. I find to be weird bc before that it was great and he said all this stuff how amazing I am etc. After bu he initiated contact we still talked and joked around. We also had sex a few times. I never really brought up my feelings about it after yet. I asked him to hang a few weeks ago he said he had a lot going on and wasn't sure how he was feeling. I also just had to work with him for the past 3 weeks. It was hard seeing him everyday. the other counselors saw and noticed something between us. They said he looks at you all the time and you look at him. There is no denying something is there. I also asked him to come out for a freinds birthday frriday night but he said he prob couldnt bc of work dnner. I texted him that i wished he did and he didn't get it. I just told him I just wish you did. He said he didn't understand why I did though. I didn't really answer and just said i was leaving soon and asked what he was doing. No answer. I texted him last night saying sorry and he didn't answer or read it yet. His birthday is on Tuesday and I am eventually going to tell him how I still feel. In my heart i feel like we are not over. My friends say fight for something you want, but how do i do that? Just tell him how i still feel? Did anyone every fight for someone? its been 3 months since our bu but im very still much in love with him.


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  • never give up

    • but I will give up, if i know i am not in her heart.

    • Thats the thing. I don't know how he is feeling. I do not want to give up and I want to tell him how I feel i just dont know how to go about it eventhough its been months since the BU. there is still contact there and in my heart I feel we are not over in some aspects.

    • poor girl, maybe he likes u, maybe he likes fuck u, but he doesn't wanna be with you.

What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like to me he was easing his way out the relationship.. he may still have feelings for you but doesn't want to be in relationship at the moment. If its been 3 months then he has no interest in rekindling the relationship.. he basically went MIA/disappear act on you without officially breaking up with you. Its a pussy way of getting out of relationship cause they don't want to go through the drama of a breake up. So I would just leave this guy alone.. some time the best thing to do is let someone go no matter how much you may love that.

    • We did officially breakup. When he closed off he was stressed with not being able to find a job. sorry forgot to add that.

    • O well there you have it. Weird reason to break up, some guys will do that cause they feel like their failure and scared that you will see them that way. They're scared you might end up leaving them for it... but either way instead of breaking up with you and closing you off... he could of open up to you and told you how he was feeling. You don't need a guy who walks away and closes you out as soon as life gets hard... you need a guy whos strong enough to admit he's at a weak point in life and that he needs help or support. Thats what a girlfriend is there for. So anyways just leave this guy alone... find someone whos going to let you in instead of kicking you out.

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