He keeps blowing me off?

Ok, so this guy we will call him Z, he is a customer at work, so after him coming in a couple of times, he asked for my number, i gave it to him and we ended up going out the following night. The date itself was amazing, my cheeks were hurting because we had so much fun. Anyway! It got to the point in the night where I wanted him to stay because I was having fun but I didn't want to have sex etc. Anyway, we ended up cuddling at my place then next thing we are having sex.

So next day, he goes home etc life goes on.

We had some messages back and forth, then Yesterday we were talking and he said he wants to come round to have sex etc, so i was like so you only want sex? then he apologised to me. then he said he wasn't coming round because he was tired, so i left it alone. Later that night i phoned him, just the once, - no call back..

Today, again I just phoned him once, no call back again.

I can clearly see he's not interested in me, and was only after sex, i just feel like shit and stuff. PLus i think he will come back to my workplace because its near his house. So what do i do if i see him?
Did he even like me? I dont get it.

I've deleted his number and have no intention of calling or texting me unless he does.. but some much needed advice please.

He keeps blowing me off?
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