Has my toxic relationship with my ex fiancee killed all potential of future relationships?

I had a great relationship for 7 months with this girl, at 7 months we knew we were going to get married, half way through the 7th month one of her friends from work got her back into doing pills, she then started cheating on me with 6 guys, and I ended up in a psych ward due to a failed suicide attempt.

Is this failure going to keep me from happy trusting relationships for the rest of my life?


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  • I was abused in previous relationships and I'm in successful relationship now. Once you find the person you're supposed to be with all that stuff doesn't matter. I still have weird ptsd flashbacks but my boyfriend is there for me just like the right person will be there for you

    • Honestly, and I really hate to say this, but I don't think women really understand what being rejected or broken up with is actually like. You'll be single for a few weeks and feel like complete shit, but within a month you'll have 10 guys breathing down your neck and you can choose any 1-10 of them. Even if that relationship was 20 years long, you'll still have attention and people working to boost your value.

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    • Maybe, maybe I don't feel like I deserve any better. Maybe that's the problem.

      Maybe that's why I connect with the character of BoJack Horseman so much.

      Maybe I don't want to be happy, maybe misery is the only normality I know.

    • Yea know if you feel like you don't deserve to be happy then you'll never be happy.
      One day you'll want your happiness back

  • Wow you really going to let a 7 month relationship ruin love for you? I had a 3 year toxic relationship and that's not stopping me.

    • Good for you?

      I was engaged to the woman I expected to spend the rest of my life with. I wasn't doing it for fun, she came on to me, and everything was going great until the end.

      But hey, good for you?

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    • Well to me its not long so.

    • as is your perception, and your perception alone. My perception was that my life was finally getting settled and I'd gotten comfortable and was training to protect my family.

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  • Her friend has a lot to answer for I think. You can see ot as a positive though in that she would likely have relapsed anyway. Promiscuity if common with addicts by the way though. The drugs were the real problem and probably always will be. Your real life partner though is waiting for you out in the future. If I was you, I would get in touch with nature by hiking, watching sunrises and even travelling around. In this way you will see that the world goes on, life is good and ypu will find some peace.

    • Is, not "if common".

    • I ened up having to go in to her work and threaten to kill him on camera if he ever touched her again. He was playing out rape fantasies with her when he'd get her high. Destroyed 6 months of building up self worth with her, 6 months of getting her anxiety under control without medication, 6 months of mindfulness practice gone.

      I personally see very few women or men anymore without major addiction issues, if not drugs it's sex, if not sex it's people, if not people it's technology. Nobody lives within moderation standards anymore, and that scares me, I think my ex was just the first real view I got of it.

      Now I pretty much only go after women who want to play games with my emotions.

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