girlfriend dumped me, did not want to talk anymore, now she is texting me/ calling/ wanting to see me?

I got dumped a week ago on Monday.
She told me she did not want to ever talk to me again or see me.
The next day she starts texting me asking me what i was doing and how i was doing.
Few days later she says she misses me.
Saturday she was saying how she really misses being with me and wished she was in my arms.
Today it was the same and how she wished she was at my home helping me do stuff.

She says she thinks about me all the time still.

She is back with her babies dad and he asked her if she could make it work between her and her kids since they have a son together. She said ok.

But i know she really does not want to be down there yet she is doing it to have a whole family thinking of her kids. She thinks about me when she gets up, the whole day (texts me all day) and before she sleeps.

She wants to see me from time to time when she can.
I want her back in my arms and is it foolish to wait for her (not waiting in standing still but just focus on work)
Confused man


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What Girls Said 1

  • She has/had no other option so she went to you.


What Guys Said 2

  • Dude she's just craving attention. Don't give it to her.

  • If you would take her back after all that knowing she went back to an X then go for it , you just don't seem like the rational or realistic sort , much less a man that would actually listen to one that is. Goooood luck


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