Girlfriend Dumped me a month ago, yet every time I see her now she's always giggling and smiling wide when she sees me?

She said her feelings faded after an on and off relationship for 9 months, and supposedly has a new boyfriend or so she says. She goes out of her way to tell me about him, and flirts a lot with other guys when I'm near.. but I got to the point where I stopped caring or showing her attention, and now she giggles and smiles a lot when she sees me at work or when she speaks with me. Does she still have lingering feelings, what could it possibly be?
She is acting super sweet and smiling a lot with me now that I stopped paying attention to her antics, I just wonder if she's slowly realizing her mistake in breaking up with me?


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  • She is just trying to make you jealous.

    • yeah but why? She smiles and giggles with me a lot and I'm confused as to why?

    • Because she is evil. Enough said!

  • Don't look at her...

    • to what end, I'm not going to lie I miss her but I don't want to be to open to her. Is the smiling and giggling anything positive

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    • how do I get her to regret it

    • Just forget about her and never look at her again...

      You shouldn't be evil otherwise you're no better than her

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