My crush blocked me off Facebook for no reason, please help me :(?

I have known him for 3 years , I have went or with him once 3 years ago and nearly got in a relationship with him but I couldn't keep being with him as I still had feelings for my ex. We didn't talk for about half a year and recently we really started messaging each other a lot , he said that we'd be good together and that I'm perfect and stunning and that he wants to see me, he even made plans however he flaked on me and he made plans again with me and the day before I was meant to see him I inboxed hin saying hey and HE BLOCKED ME. I was devastated !! I didn't do anything wrong. Anyway I messaged him on Instagram to ask why and he said and I quote ' I'm not just ready for a relationship my head is a mess as it is '

Wtf, then why has he been acting like he wanted one and that he liked me :( I don't understand is this my fault? Will he come back?


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  • Maybe he was too stressed about pressurised to make it seem everything was OK


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  • Probably got scared and changed his mind. Don't rush him, but unless you're patient maybe start looking elsewhere.

    • Why do you think he got scared?

    • No clue. Maybe there's another girl, maybe he think a relationship with you is too risky due to the fact you were attracted to an ex while with him. If he got hurt the last time he may not want to expose himself to rejection again.

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  • "as I still had feelings for my ex"

    that right there could be it

    • I guess but it was 3 years ago since I have been speaking to him again I haven't mentioned my ex once because I am totally over that person now

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    • Okay , do you think he will ever unblock me?

    • yea most likely

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  • Boys are stupid, guurl 😂


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