Is it low self esteem or finances?

Why do women choose to stay in a marriage that's full of cheating? I have a guy friend who's wife has cheated on him 25 times over 30 years. They finally chose to be swingers, I suppose to aliviate guilt... The other couple stopped it after a few times, not sure why... He's only cheated once but it was an actual relationship... he says he stays because there's to much finances wrapped up in the marriage... But why does she stay, she could take half of everything he has?


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  • So many people are plain scared of the unknown if they leave. Their attitude, I'm sure, is better the devil you know than the one you don't. They are scared of being alone. Of getting into a worse relationship.


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  • I can't answer that. I suppose if they have children for their benefit they may stick it out in order not to hurt them? Again that's a guess. It's never happened to me thank God and when you've never been in that situation it's easy to point fingers at others who have and tell them what they should do. It's a very American way of doing things...

    • He's asked for my take on it, I stay out of it... They have 2 kids but their grown 20 and 23, they know about their dad's 1 affair, but not the multiple times their moms cheated. .. I think I'm just curious because my ex cheated and even after 15 years. I left...

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