Is it a never ending cycle or can things change?

Last week my now ex and I went camping. At the time everything was going great and we decided to go on a trip before school started. we had such a good time we planned another trip the weekend right before school. however, I went out with a my friend Trevor from work and she stayed home. After I asked if she wanted to come over. Obviously she declined and i went with my friend Trevor. when i first met up with Trevor i was texting back normally and then as the night went on my replies came further and further apart. During the time I didn't reply, she asked what I was doing. I didn't think anything of it because I told her what I was going to be doing. She got upset and blew up saying I was ignoring her. I didn't see it that way and stayed calm about things, which made it worse I think. she eventually said she hated me and did't want me in her life anymore as I make her upset more times than I do happy. Well lets move a few days later when school starts. We see each other three days a week and on the first day, yesterday, we kept making eye contact and I could feel she felt guilty or upset still about everything. On her Instagram thing it has the lyrics "I drink to remember, I smoke to forget. Somethings to be proud of, some stuff to forget." What exactly could be going through her mind? Why do we constantly look at each other during class? Why does it feel like there is some energy flowing still between us? Is it justifiable to say that to someone over something so small? It has been three days since we've talked minus a simple hello before class yesterday.
Is it a never ending cycle or can things change?
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