To late to get my ex girlfriend back because I did not do the No Contact rule?

Did I ruin my chance of getting her back?

at first she did not want to talk.
Then she started to text me.
then calling me.
she has told me she misses me
she dumped me because of my past
she is with her babies dad and they couldn't make it work 7 years ago.
I told her that she does not love him and that she loves me deeply, which I know and she has told me how she loves me deeply.

The other day she said she wanted to see me badly.
Wanted me to hold her and kiss her.
she told me we should see each other from time to time
told me that I am always on her mind even tho today she said she didn't think about me. She sounded like she had been crying up until I called. She called me back later and sounded better no stuffed nose like someone that has been crying.

now tonight I talked to her and it has turned. Now it's she does not want to talk to me because she is trying to make it work with him.

She has told me if it does not work with him that she would come back to me. He knows that she loves me and knows if it don't work out between them that she is coming back to me.

am I being selfish? Because kids are involved with the reason she is down there.

but is it to late to win her back?
even with what she has said.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She picked him. You need to move on.


What Guys Said 2

  • Best thing to do is move on and end all contact with her because the longer you keep talking to one another the harder it is going to be for you. She'll respect you a lot more because you are no longer contacting her plus when she needs you don't reply at all she chose to be with her ex and now she has to live with her decision!

  • You should move on.


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