Why am I so mad about this?

After I broke up with my boyfriend he calls me a few days later to brag that he's going to the movies with my friends but says its just as friends. Well we are dating again but I'm still so mad at him for that. I can't seem to forgive him for this or forget about it. He said sorry but I'm still mad. Am I over reacting? I know nothing happened between them it was just going to the movies. Its just the fact that it was my friend, he didn't invite me, and he calls to brag about it after.


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  • well I would say two things, 1 you did break up with him so even if he slept with a cheerleading team it wouldn't have been wrong per say..

    getting back with him however seems like a mistake, I suspect you did it out of jelousy which is NEVER a good reason to take someone back.

    if you want this to work however then like I said before, he was single and allowed to take whome he wished.


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  • Well it sounds like that's why you still really mad about it. because he never invited you, which he should of, but he didn't. and he brags about it to you on the phone. that would make me mad too if I had a girlfriend or someome I was dating did that I would pretty much feel mad you know. I think that's why you still so mad about it.

  • Hes acting out trying to hurt you and he has so he wins...


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