How do I get over a breakup?

I am 16, and i thought she was the one, i was better but i still think of her a lot and we are still friends. How do i stop and do you believe the "one" exists?


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  • First, I'm sorry to tell you this but the likelyhoid at 16 of finding "the one" is so incredibly slim but what to do to heal? You should get your Mind and body busy doing things, lots of things. The more you fill your day with friends, sports, hobbies, school the less space there will be to dwell on her. In doing these things you'll also find that there will be other girls to look forward to snd life will get better. And remember,

    every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

    • The thing is, every single thing that i do i keep wishing she is there with me. Everytime im happy i remember how happy she used to make me. She and i had the same taste in music, movies, games, superheroes, she liked the same things that i did, we had the same views on sports and other things and we even had the same family status. The only thing different is that i cared about her and loved her and she couldnt care any less about how much it hurts and how much i miss her and how heartbroken i am.

    • You'll find a girl with all the attributes you want AND she'll care about you and your feelings. Don't empower someone who doesn't give you the common respect of caring.

    • But i love her, still do, id do anything for her, i miss her so much, everything i do reminds me of her, the worst part is i have no one to talk to about it, i can only cry.

  • There's no remedy for a broken heart. All you can do is go along with your feelings and emotions.

    After a break-up people go through a similar grieving process as someone who's loved one has died. So the process is necessary in order to heal and move on.

    People say time eases pain , but that's not true... it's what you do with your time which eases it. Try to focus your mind on things other than what was and what could have been... no matter how hard that is. Eventually your pain will ease and your feelings will fade

    Even when people find the "one" they still have to both work and put effort into the relationship to make it survive. Love is not enough to make a relationship endure a lifetime... compromise , mutual respect , communication and self- sacrificing from both people is needed to strengthen the relationship so it will last

    • She didn't believe as much as me and she wasn't as comitted as me, i praued all the time and texted her as soon as i wake up, she never did this.

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    • thank you, you Have been a great help

    • You're very welcome

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