She says she needs to find herself, what does she really mean?

A girl I have known for a while, just broke it off with me after 2 months of dating. I have known her for 8 months. A little back story. I met her on POF about 2 years ago, talked to her and found out we went to the same church. She noticed me from there. I talked over POF but never went further because I realized I wasn't ready for a relationship. I totally blew her off. 9 months ago, we ran into each other again. We started talking, she was dating someone so I only talk to her if I ran into her. she started to sit with me at church. Her and her ex broke up ( She broke up with him and said it was a long time coming) end of June, so I did the nice thing ( plus I wanted to get to know her better because I liked her), I invited her to a friend's house for the 4th of July. She texted me the next day asking if I still want company, so she came. I was not going to rush anything. The next week I invited her to go SUP and then we decided to have drinks and that is where we got a little tipsy and she admitted to me that she liked me and liked me during last relationship and thought I did not like her. I told her I did like her but I was not going to tell her while she was in a relationship. We continued to talk with her texting me all the time and seeing each other once a week. She asked me to be patient. I did not push the issue. Fast forward to this Sunday, she breaks it off with me stating she needs to work on herself, and doesn't want to ruin what we have. She is confused and by breaking up with me the relationship may be salvageable later, if we decide to again. She states she does not know if she is running because she is afraid it may be to good, if she is not ready to commit, or that we just won't work out. Mind you, we had this convo at on a date and she started crying. She then is super affectionate towards me afterwards, holding my hand, grasping my arm. She even texts me that she is frustrated with herself and just wishes she kept her mouth shut.
She says she needs to find herself, what does she really mean?
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