Should I reach out to my ex?

Was with my boyfriend for 3years until we decided to break up due to religion. But he was a part of my life and it was hard to detach from each other & we decided to stay friends still. The first few months after our break we still met of breakfast and dinner. And we will usually text during special occasion.
Sometime ago I felt like it would be good to not text and back away. But for the past few months, his social media status have been updated with song lyrics of breakup sadness and him always needing to drink cause this is too much for him. When we dated, he didn't drink cause he knew i dont like it.. I dont blame him now to drink but he wasn't much of a drinker even before me.
long story short.. Should i reach out to him?


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  • He's on a self-destructive path.

    You need to let him go down this road. It's a self-destructive path (sort of like a child) who doesn't get what they want.

    Instead of a tantrum, he's trying to get your attention by drinking, putting up sad songs, etc.

    - - Stay away. If he tries to reach out to you, tell him how disappointed you are about his drinking and "that's not the man I feel in love with".

    Good bet that dude will start getting his sh*t together.


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