How do I get my ex back?

Like me and my ex Matt dated for 5 months. We fooled around but didn't have sex . He and I both said we loved each other. I still love him a lot. Now like he broke up with me in January and I can't get over him I love him so much . Like we walk past each other but we don't even make eye contact boys I need help . I want him back or a new guy that will make me happier. Anyone have any advice please? I just want my baby back =(


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  • exs are exs for a reason

  • Takes time to get over an ex. its harder if you remain friends, and have contact, hard to move on and be commited to the new relatoinship you are in and you hope or would be tempted to hook up with him, even is its casual or fwb, not healthy.

    If you want to move on get into a rebound relationship with whatever you can find or if not hook up with the ex if you really like him


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