In an Indian arranged marraige Should a girl's character be considered for chosing her as life partner?

If the boy was virgin and the girl was not and had multiple sexual partners , Ons, casual hook ups then does it say something about her character or does the sentence "her past is none of his business" holds true here too if she lied about herself before marraige and only confesses after getting caughtcaught after marraige? Will he be able to get past her past and live with her happily then? What should the husband do then?


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  • Actually this is the case many a time. Guys are virgins and girls are not and they won't tell you that before the marriage for obvious reasons as its an arrange marriage. I don't think there's anything that could be done ones you're married, just try to forget it. I won't really blame her for not telling you before marriage though.


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  • Not in the old traditional ones.


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