How can I meet another girl if I'm still affected by what happened to me when I tried building a strong relationship the last time?

I still think about the same girl day and night, I'm a little more at peace knowing that she's with someone else giving herself away like a smut, because I know that I can't do anything about it. It's too late; so I came to accept it, she made her choice. She only wanted me for what I had or what I could give her. Any suggestions on how I can stop feeling lost and scared everyday of the week?


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  • You're not ready for a new relationship

    • You're right. I'm already at the point of giving up talking to any girl that I find interest in. What's the point if they're just gonna end up with someone else. I try too hard to be nice and do the right thing, but they want the "bad boy" instead. I was never brought up to be a perverted guy. I fell in love with one girl after a really long time and she never wanted to build a relationship with me, she just wanted to use me. I found her one day in a garage giving her "boyfriend" a hand job and kissing him and I was just shocked. I was in love with the personality, not the sexual part that she wanted so badly. To me she's just a smut now.

    • You've had a lot of poor experiences but I think you're choosing the wrong girls, maybe wait a while before dating again, thanks for mho :)

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  • you'll stop thjinking about her when you meet someone new to build fresh memories with.


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  • The answer is you can't meet another girl because you have still not moved on so you are not ready to get into another relationship.


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