Ex bought up the past between us?

So yesterday night my ex and I were talking and randomly she bought up the past between us. She goes "I remembered how we fell asleep together at night cuddling" and I'm thinking oh..boy..i felt like weird after she told me that? I love the girl still after the 4months we broke up. So anyways I told her that I feel weird talking to you since you just told me that and she goes "Why do you feel weird?" I go uhh..idk ima head to bed because it was just weird talking to her for some reason. And then she goes "oh okay good night, I just want you to know that we can still talk because we're friends silly" I responded to her yeah I know but I don't know :/ I'm just still attached to you and she goes "I see :/"

I'm not sure if that "i see :/" was that she doesn't have feelings for me anymore or she feels bad that she bought up the past...Idk...

The next day at school, I see her in the hallways and she does that John! and looks away thus making you look who said your name you know? it was kinda like flirting. So I basically did the same thing back during the end of the day

But yeah..give me your opinions? thanks :)
Ex bought up the past between us?
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