Should I try to say sorry again?

I see my ex once a week...

We broke things off a year ago, but things have gotten really awkward... because of me...

I realized that, and I just want to tell her it's my fault... and I'm sorry and just want to move on...

I tried doing this, I asked if she had a few minutes to chat today... She said she was late for a meeting and maybe we could chat next week...

To me that means no... She doesn't want to chat...

I really just want to patch things up, so I can move on... because I realize I was wrong and feel like I need to say sorry in order to move on...

Should I wait for her to talk to me?

Should I just start talking?

Should I send her a quick direct text?

Do I just do nothing?


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  • Talk to her face to face. Apologize. Get your closure and walk away. Don't talk or look at her again. If she won't talk to you face to face. Send one message saying everything you want to say and never message her again.

    • What I'm thinking... but is that okay? or should I leave her alone?

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    • You're going to be waiting a long time and suffering the whole way. Just say what you need to say and get it over with.

    • Failed miserably

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  • If you have something to say then meet with her but if she refuse to meet then call her or text her... if you are going to move on then its ok to call.. meet.. or text.

    well it may depend on her mood too. well we dont knw how woman thinks bt i think you should try to clear things up.


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  • Just send her a text and move on. Why are you still clinging to this?

    Is it the fact that you still see your ex once a week?

    Is it the fact that you wanted to patch thing up?

    Is that why you secretly hoping to get back with your ex?

    • Well I have to see her once a week, there's not much I can do about it... Yes, maybe that is the reason I can't move on... also because I want to end things on good terms and get closure, I hate how things are and have a chance to make it right... Hopefully she will talk to me, if not I either have to text or not do anything

  • Might be too late to say sorry

    -Justin biebz


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