Is she cheating?

Alright, my girlfriend and I have been dating for not too long, under a month. She is 17 and I am 19, she is in high school and I am in college which is about 30 min from her. We didn't go to the same high school so it's not like I could ask anyone to keep an eye on her. Essentially she could cheat on me without me ever knowing it. I'm gonna be honest and state that she was pretty easy when I started going out with her... She also never likes to speak about her past boyfriends after I have asked repeatedly. Leaving all those things aside, until just now, I would have not thought she would cheat on me.

So anyway. She sent me a text today asking if I am okay with her hanging out with her guy friend; after not speaking to me the majority of the day, which was actually pretty odd. I replied that it 'worried me a little bit but whatever I guess not'. And she never replied.

So she only talked to me for a few minutes today and then a few hours into the night she texts that question. Easy to see where I am coming from right?

Should I be worried or am I over analyzing things?


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  • you've only been dating for less than a month mate, you need to SLOW DOWN, your getting WAY to serious with this girl. stay away from each other for a couple of weeks and then ask her out on a date and keep things between you light and funny, don't talk about things like ex's, and you shouldnt be pushing her to tell you anything. if she wants to bring things up she will.

    but like I said SLOW DOWN, your investing yourself way to fast an trust me all you will do is scare her away. Now personaly I have a very strong intuition which I completely trust so if I started getting feelings that she was cheating I would get out. however you know nothing about this girl as its only been a matter of weeks, you need to limit your time together to 1 date a week for a few hours just you and her other wise your just going to make her run away..

    good luck


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  • He he if she found someone else she wants to hook up with nothing you can do about it. She could leave you for him, again nothing you can do about it, girls cheat to not as much as guys...


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