Girls, Do /would you dump/reject/judge a guy?

If a guy is lot more hairy than an average guy is expected to be?


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  • Unfortunately for me yes because I like guys who are not hairy

    • Shaving is an option though, but maybe you like natural less hairs and soft skin which shaving won't give?

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    • I appreciate it. I didn't mean to offend you anyway.
      Infact this transition has given me hope and self confidence. Thanks for being nice.

    • It's ok just be confident and happy within yourself you'll find the right person 😊

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  • It's bloody strange to think that I have seen all these same like questions a short while ago, by a so called slightly older guy!

    • Similar ones? Oh, I didn't see them otherwise I wouldn't have asked them. I woukd have seen the answers there itself.
      Can you post me the link of the question!

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