What would you do, is there any type of chance?

So I am wondering if there is a chance we could ever get back together. I feel like our story is not finished yet in some way, but i can't decipher it all.
. Were in a relationship 3 months but it was amazing. Met families he fell for me more each day said i was amazing, no fights , connected with everything. everyone saw our happiness
. he fell into stress from no job- closed off from everyone for about a month - after broke up with me saying didn't feel what he thought he should by then and felt like not growing.
He made first contact after Bu seeing how I was etc
. Since Bu we talk, joke around and had sex a few times like 4 or 5 since. been broken up 4 months
some nights his wordings seem like its just sex others it doesn't.
Had to work with him for 3 weeks. Others saw our connection ( us looking at each other) and they found out from fb. He asked if I said anything to them and i said no. he said it would be ok if I had said something.
complimented on my hair from seeing it
asked about scratches on my back ( if someone else gave them to me). I said no and asked him same? He said no and he doesn't go out which he doesn't really.
Saying next years work will be different you will see- like making plans already
Saw something for disney in his house asked if he was going he said maybe maybe not. no straight answer.
There is so much more its hard to fit in one. I do love him and like i said feel like its not over. I give him his space and have not suffocated him or begged for the relationship after the Bu. I am going to tell him how I still feel, if i can get to talk to him in person soon. What are the chances of yhis happening again? When he was going through stuff he told his bff who i know that he needed his life in order b4 taking care of someone else. Could this still be or him not know what he actually wants bc it is dif then his other relationships that were a lot of fighting. What would you do? if you dnt want someone in your life wldnt you stop talking after BU
Yes, go for it. Something is still there
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What would you do, is there any type of chance?
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