My ex is in two minds and that makes me in two minds about the situation! Stressing out! Help please?

Me and my ex were together a long time, and we were utterly in love. He got depression and told me to move on as he didn't want to upset me anymore and that he would rather be single at this point in his life. I told him i couldn't move on but to save my heart breaking everyday, we stopped talking. He sent me a text telling me he hoped one day we'd become closer together again. A month later, he messaged me telling me he saw me dancing with someone in a club, i was only dancing bearing in mind, i'm not confident enough for anything else. After that he told me he still wasn't sure whether to get back with me or not, he came to my house and kissed me and told me he couldn't move on from me because he is still in love with me. A few week after that, my ex told me he was worried the depression would cause problems for us, i told him it never would as i would always support him. He told me he doesn't believe he can fix the heartbreak he has caused me, and then he then told me the other day that i should try be with someone else instead and that if that doesn't work, i can always come back to him and try things again. But i dont want anyone else, I love him and don't want to be with anyone but him. I asked him to meet me one more time just to talk and clear the air but he won't, say's it'll be too hard on me when i should move on. I told him it wouldn't hurt me and that i'd love to see him one last time.
My issue is, why is he saying all these things that are full of hope on us trying to be together again if he keeps saying about me moving on because he doesn't think its fixable? It makes no sense.
Please can i have some advice? Everyday is a struggle because i'm fighting for this relationship, but he won't let up and also try because he has no faith in himself. I'm so lost and hurting and I just want the love of my life back.

Help please? Thank you xox
My ex is in two minds and that makes me in two minds about the situation! Stressing out! Help please?
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