When an ex girlfriend tells you she misses you, thinks about you all the time. Does she really mean it?

She has told me she misses me
wants to see me like crazy
wishes she could have me hold me
was so happy to hear my voice
wants to kiss me
thinks about me all the time
She said she was gonna return my key to my apartment and the phone she uses to contact me. I wondered if she really will or if she is using that as a way to see me.
We haven been broken up now for 10 days.
Is the no contact rule really a wise thing? Because I did not do that right away. Is that gonna hurt my chances for her to really miss me now or come back?
Because at first she was like I never want to talk to you again then over a few days it changed into I want to keep contacting you from time to time. To I wish I could se you before you leave for work since I work outta town a lot.
I don't know really loved this woman.
She made me become a better man.
I would really love for her to be in my life again.
I want to marry this woman and we had promised to belong to each other.


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  • There is a chance she's playing with you because she wants you tell her how you feel about her, but it's more than likely she's telling you the truth.

    I think about my ex all the time. I can't tell him that, but I do miss him like crazy and I wish things were/had been different.


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