Should I take her back??

We were together for almost 3 years, She dumped me because she was missing out on being single and having fun, I was crushed badly, lost 15 pounds and was super depressed. The after 2 months she came back to me and I took her back and was the happiest guy ever. Then after a week she dumped me again for the same reason and I was crushed all over again. Now I hear that she still loves me more than anything and I feel the same way. But I don't know if she wants to get back together or not. and I'm not sure if I would even take her back a 3rd time. I love her so much and she mean the world to me and I can't imagine losing her forever...i don't know what to do and I don't know how she thinks, I afraid to ask her cause I'm afraid of the answer...this sucks


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  • My advice is to move on, don't take an ex back, what ever feelings you have for her are clearly not expressed by her, ie she isn't that interested in you, what would have happened is when she was single she would have dated a few guys who may have messed her around which lowered her self esteam, so she looked at her phone book and saw your name. she then asked to get abck to you simply as an ego boost until she saw someone better and then took off. staying with this girl will cause you constant pain and frustration..

    Next time she calls you you need to tell her your not interested and would like her to delete your number and forget your name, trust me this will really hurt you but it will show her your not a door matt so you can walk with some self respect. in time you will get better and can start moving on.

    as a side note the fact she knew she could get back with you tells me you need to learn to not be a wimp, (I know it sounds cruel but that's usualy why girls lose interest)

    good luck

    - Chris


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  • well most people would say something like "no she hurt you bad" but then again if you really like her then you should take her back! I know if my guy did that I would because I lov him with all my heart and if she keeps doing it then maybe you should move on

  • the truth is that she doesn't love you like she says she does , I'm telling you this because I had the same problem with my boyfriend I dumped him twice because I missed clubbing and hanging out with friends but I always asked him for a second chance because I was afraid of being alone and not having anyone next to me , if I were you I wouldn't take her back again because you both are waisting your time and especially you are missing the chance of meeting someone that is willing to leave everything for you .

  • I honesty can tell you not to if she treated you like that and you gave her another chance and you forgave her and she did it again not even a month later well that is cruel! Maybe she saw someone that interested her and she wants to see how it would be like. Knowing that if it didn't work out with him that she has you.

    And if she is going to play with your head like that I would move on because there are other girls out there that Will b glad to have you And not mess with your head. I know you and your x or whatever she is to you spent a lot of time together good and bad but there Will always b girls looking forward to getting to know you the rest if there life.

    I hope I could help.


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