Is it hopeless hope?

So, last night my boyfriend (ex i guess) broke up with me after ten months together. We are both only in college. I had not felt it coming, everything felt so smooth. And then he popped "I've been thinking lately, and I feel like I need to be on my own for a little." I immediately reacted with tears and hyperventilation. He seemed to suggest that we could be friends and then later get back together. Hurt, I told him that I am not the kind of girl who he can go back and forth with (I highly regret that). He kept stating that he felt he was going to regret it and that this was a mistake. He also said he still loves me and that it has nothing to do with me. I asked him what he wanted me to say and he said he didn't need me to say anything. Today, the day after, I ran into one of his roommates who asked me if i knew what was going on with him. Turns out that he hasn't told any of his roommates, and I don't know why. And it sounds like he is hurting. I am aching so much, I even have a fever. Its taking every ounce of my energy. I still love him so much. I suppose this sounds like a desperate post/ question (thats because I am acting unreasonably due to a broken heart), but is it possible that after time he might want to come back? I refuse to contact him and am going to see if he contacts me first. Is that a bas idea? He left me so confused. I don't feel it is the end of us. Is that hopeless hope?
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He did a drive by after only two days from the break up?
Is it hopeless hope?
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