Feelings/Memories coming back of Ex girlfriend. Don't know what to do? Kinda stressed out?

She broke up with me 2 months ago saying things werent working out (it was a LDR) but still was going to talk to me. A few months ago my Ex girlfriend texted me out the blue," my parents took my phone again smh (btw she's 15 her parents are strict and take her phone away alot). I don't think I'll get it back soon, so". I repied saying," Damn there bogus" She replied back saying, " Yeah, so I'll talk to you as soon as I can". Why did she text me out the blue? Like, last thing I asked her was if she still likes me? She said she likes me as a friend, other then that everthing just faded. After shee said that I said, " oh, okay. Better then nothing I guess". She never replied back, so I thought things were over until she texted me out the blue. Ever since she texted me a few weeks ago, my feeling and memories for her are coming back. Why did she text me out the blue like that? Did she say she's going to talk to me as soon as she can because she felt she needed to say that because. she had nothing else to say or felt like if she didn't say it I would be sad?


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  • LDR is One of the Hardest to Have and to Hold of any Relationship, @saud1998. And it Takes Two special Partners to Make the Effort to Take the Time to Put Forth 'Effort' Into This... Relationship Online even.
    You have Been the One, hun, who has Been there for her all the While with your Smile. But with her Breaking it off, she has Had her own Motives that Perhaps she really Knows, but One thing I do Know... When Something happens that 'Out of the blue' One's Ex Text. It's most Likely because they are Missing the Kissing, even if it is through Messages, because they Realize to their Own Surprise, that You are Not there Anymore.
    Good luck. xx


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