I would do anything to win her back in my life and in my heart because it hurts help please?

Ok so we were in this pizza placey her boyfriend was one of the cooks i asked was he datin her he looked at me crazy and said yes i was like where is she he said in the back i ran to the back i saw her and i grabbed her not forcefuly just pucked her up off her feet and started kissing her at first she was pushing me away then she let me continue we were kissing so passionately for like a good 15-20 minutes then i woke up with a shocking pain in my chest where my heart is I don't know what this means she told me to leave her alone and she doesn't want to talk to me we have been broken up for a while now and i really miss her and want her back in my life moving on is not a option because it doesn't work for me i know where my heart is i haven't seen her in person in almost 2 years because i live in another town and she's in another town and she isn't allowed to date so i couldnt see her now she has a new boyfriend and it is killing me i walked 4 hours just to seen her only for her to turn me around and have to walk back and id do it again i love this girl so much


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  • It seems like she lost interest, maybe try and move on


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