Do LDR's ever work out?

I waited faithfully for 2 years on my boyfriend only to have him start decreasing communication and then break up with me. He said that the distance was too hard and that he wasn't sure he would get his Visa, he was denied in January. He was talking about marriage and when I asked him about that right before the breakup, he said we would have to sit down and talk about it. Nevertheless, I am completely devastated. I love him and he claims I am the love of his life. He was crying and said he was confused when he called that day, about a month ago. Since then we have only talked twice and both times did not go very well. Last night I decided to cut all communication because it is gut wrenching to hope he'll change his mind. Anyways, has anyone ever had a successful LDR. Also, does how he has been acting make you think he cheated on me?
Do LDR's ever work out?
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