I dont know if we should break up?

(Sorry for reposting on the same issue a dozen times)

The idea of breaking up makes my stomach drop. I can't imagine beining happy without him.

But also i feel like we're not compatible in many UNsuperficial ways and he can be really mean and unpologetic when upset.

I'm so conflicted. Anyone been thurough this?


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  • Maybe you're overthinking it a bit because you more or less say you can't live without him but then you're not compatible. Clearly your headspace is jammed with the pros and cons of the whole thing. Why not have a temporary break and see how you both feel?

    • He's an all or nothing kind of guy. Asking for a break would just p*ss him off. He'd tell me to decide then and there what I want.

    • If that is the case and he either needs yes or no answers in his life, then perhaps you should move on. All this questioning about whether to keep a relationship going when you're unhappy and asking questions repeatedly about it tells me that you want to work it out but feel in your heart of hearts that it is not going to work as he's unlikely to change and meet you halfway. Perhaps ask him for a break, explain your reasons and if he asks you to decide, then say, ok, we go our separate ways. I am not sure what you are expecting to change but its not working out for you so it may be time to call it quits.

    • Sounds like good advice, thanks!

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  • If you're conflicted then you need to breakup

  • Sounds like you're parasitic and should break up.


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