I love her but she doesn't love me anymore how do I get over this?

I've been in a LDR with my girlfriend for about 10 months now and this is the last month we're are together as we have talking about the relationship and our feelings, she says to me that she just doenst love me anymore and finds this relationship boring and un interesting because of the distance which I get, but I don't mind the distance (6hour time difference) and everytime I talk to her I just get this warm feeling inside and I just feel so happy. I love her a lot and will always love her because she was and still is the best thing that's happened to me. I've never felt this way about any girl before until I met her and feel so comfortable around her, I've told her I'll always be here for her no matter what and I'm only a phone call away. I guess now I have to lose these feelings for her and that's something I can't do! and I hate it because the pain hurts every day talking to her knowing that very soon she's not going to my princess anymore but somebody else's in the future. I have pure unconditional love for her and adore her if every single way and can't wait to speak to her everyday, I honestly can't fault her she's just everything and I was so lucky to spend these 10 months with her. she says she loves me as a friend now and that's all which just feels like a knife through my chest. I just need some advice on how to get over these feelings for her
I love her but she doesn't love me anymore how do I get over this?
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