Boyfriend broke up because he had to let me go and live my life, not ready to see me after fight?

Okay so basically me and my ex had a huge argument and didn't see eachother for 6 weeks but spoke everyday. He wasn't ready to see me because he thinks that things won't be the same and he doesn't feel the same as he used to. He still has feelings for me and he has left me because he can't keep me waiting forever because he isn't ready to see me. He has kept is whatsapp photo as us and said he doesn't want to be with anyone else and doesn't know if we will be together again. He told me he doesn't want me to just disappear and still wants to talk and be friends. Any advice on how to get him back?
He said he has to wait and see if his feelings change but doesn't want me hanging on to "maybe" any thoughts?


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  • To get him back? There is nothing you can say, but you can keep talking as friends or go no contact.
    I think being friends right now might do more harm than good, so I think you two need the time and space apart and you should let him sort out his feelings. How long will it take? Well, you know him best, so do your own thing for now, then talk to him when the time feels right. That's all I can say, really.


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  • Speaking from experience, I can tell you that his feelings probably will not change. It sounds as if he is trying to let you down easy. :/. Ripping off the band-aid so to speak is probably the best thing you can do at this point. I know it's tough, but it's probably time to start moving on.

    • Even though he still has feelings for me?

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    • We fought because of me and we did argue a lot. But I was the cause and I have assessed the problem and am fixing it. We don't live close and only saw eachother at weekends so

    • :( that does make it tough. It's good that you are working on your part of the issue. That is important in a relationship. Unfortunately, it helps you grow as a person but cannot force him to want to be with you again.

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  • Im in the same situation. It's gut wrenching. It hurts like hell. But there is nothing we can do, it's out of our control. I'm just hoping it gets easier. As I've given up hope we will get back together.


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