Break up seems stupid?

i was with a guy not even a month maybe two we met through the gym we ended up partyn we all where drunk 10 beers in and i grabbed him n front of his brother. Next few days he dumped me i think that was an excuse? Cus most people I ask say thats lame excuse if we where that drunk.. he said "it was a deal breaker." not like i grabbed his brother he was a 35 yr old man emotional detached and messed up 4 kids i have no kids what do you think? I think he wanted out... he had no money lived in a crap apt part of me misses him I don't know what should i do? he un friend ed me, and stuff... why can't men be honest? i dont think thats the reason him and his brother would fuck girls in sep bedrooms hearing each other.

I think he wanted out with out a real excuse most girls he wouldn't even bother letting them know he's done


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  • Men can be honest, but this one can't. You should just move on, he isn't worth your time

    • I thought it was a lie. he is messed up emotionally bad.. i dont think he wanted anything. and he said i was the first too know him who stuck around he freaked out... i'll get over it eventually just hurts. but u think it's a lame ass reason? "you grabbed me..." wow. yup

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    • thank you for your time! I have too work now I fallowed you :)

    • Good luck and see you later

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