My relationship with my boyfriend hasn't been working out, we've worked on it over and over again but I think it's time to end the relationship!
It's really hard because I want to move on and find happiness but there's so many factors that are revolving around my mind like I've been looking for a job and I haven't seemed to get any replies, I feel like I'm going backwards as I just finished uni and during uni I had a job, boyfriend, social life! Now I feel shit about everything.

To add to that, his trying to be a musician and wants to be famous! And keeps threatening me like I won't be anything without him, and that I'm worthless and that I need him.
To add to that I'm scared if he gets with someone else, I want to be with him but he doesn't respect me or the relationship so I have no choice to leave


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  • You're going to have to face your emotions head on.


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  • Why would you ever want to continue to be with somebody who not only threatens you, but tells you that the only way you'll ever be worthy and significant is if you have some relations to him; that without him, you're nothing? Don't you have better taste then to be with somebody who is full of themselves rather than love you for who you are and to see your worth as it is without somehow applying himself into the equation?

    You said you've tried to get this relationship to work time and time again. It's pretty obvious to me that if something is just not going to work, why force it if it naturally can't work out? You are not compatible with him, at least not anymore. Something in the relationship changed and it's not able to survive or bring you guys closer.

    I know you don't want your life to change. You were used to having him, a job, social life, etc, but you can't be afraid of change. Letting go is always that first step that's the hardest. You may grieve for awhile, but I would like to think you believe in yourself enough to know you're strong and that you'll get through it. Nobody said this will be your situation forever. It's just for now, you need to make some decisions that could help you relieve your life.

    If he becomes famous for his music, oh well, whatever. Even if you were with him at the time, there's no guarantee you'll ever be happy, and his fame may likely go to his head and make him into an even more unbearable person to be around. He may think he's too "good" for you and will cheat or just dump you.

    Do what is best for YOUR life.


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  • Sleep with lots of people.


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  • I wish I could tell you. I'm just getting over a breakup myself, but what I have done in the past is just cut off contact with the person, still takes a while though. /: I wish I could get over people quickly, but it always takes months. Ugh.


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