Ex is knocking on my door?

Cheating, pathetic bastard is now knocking on my door leaving chocolates and flowers not to mention daily voicemails. Claiming he just wants to talk and apologize. I mean... for what? After all this time... "he's just apologizing because his little girlfriend and him didn't work out and now he wants someone to lay over with. What good would come from it if i talk to him? Im afraid of reopening a wound... God knows I've tried to move on and I'm fin ally feeling like myself.

+1 y
I don't hate him or hold resentment but I'm at new place in my life where i just honestly don't care to give him the time of day to meet up and talk. Just thinking about it, twists my stomach into a knot. I just want him out of my life for good.
Ex is knocking on my door?
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