Is it normal to be upset?

So earlier this week I broke up with my boyfriend because I felt that I rushed into a relationship with him before I was ready. We were best friends for months and we would talk every single day. I still really like him, but now we don't talk that much anymore and when we do talk I get this vibe that he hates me, although he says he doesn't. I'm upset over a breakup that I DID. Like wtf? I'm upset to the point where I want him back, but I doubt that'll ever happen now.. Please help. Is this normal? Has anyone been through something similar? He's such a nice guy, we had no issues, I love him more than I've loved anyone, but I just felt at the time that I wasn't ready for a relationship because I've been kind of busy and I think this guy deserves 100%.
Is it normal to be upset?
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