Is it normal to be upset?

So earlier this week I broke up with my boyfriend because I felt that I rushed into a relationship with him before I was ready. We were best friends for months and we would talk every single day. I still really like him, but now we don't talk that much anymore and when we do talk I get this vibe that he hates me, although he says he doesn't. I'm upset over a breakup that I DID. Like wtf? I'm upset to the point where I want him back, but I doubt that'll ever happen now.. Please help. Is this normal? Has anyone been through something similar? He's such a nice guy, we had no issues, I love him more than I've loved anyone, but I just felt at the time that I wasn't ready for a relationship because I've been kind of busy and I think this guy deserves 100%.


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  • You made a decision that you regret because you're not over the guy you broke up with. Of course it's normal to be upset it happens to tons of people. My thoughts, if you're really into this guy you should do whatever you can to get him back don't accept defeat.

    • I agree with this and I want to get him back, but I don't even know how to approach him in this way. Wouldn't he find it weird that I literally just broke up with him and now I'm saying take me back? I mean when I broke up with him I did tell him that I loved him and I'll tell him when I'm ready but he never really responded to that he just said that he wants to stay friends, but we've definitely drifted because of it.

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    • It's okay we all make mistakes, but you can't really know if he hates you unless you try to get him back. Wouldn't you rather know then be left wondering what if?

    • Yeah

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  • I say to just give it time. If after some time passes, then try to reconnect with him. He is probably hurt from your decision and he is trying to accept it, but it's WAYY too early to expect him to be just okay with it. That's what I can say for him because yeah, I have been in his shoes before.
    Someone said that you might think deep down it might not meant to be, and if that is what you believe, then I recommend not talking to him anymore to save each other a prolonged pain.
    But if you do see a future with him, then I must tell you that I believe in fighting for what you love, so just apologize for everything and head onto no contact so you have alone time to deal with your emotions.


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  • I'm a firm believer that if you love someone and want them, you'll be ready and will want to be with them no matter what. I think you deep down know it's not meant to be and that's why you left him. It's normal to second guess and wonder if you did the right thing. With time it will get better. But you need to realize that most people can't be friends with someone who dumped them. Put yourself in his shoes.

    • Yeah totally agree. It's really difficult.

  • Yes it's normal to be upset. You still care for the guy so breaking up might of been drastic and sudden (especially to him). You could of spoken to him and tell him where you're at, put some brakes on the relationship and cruise around a bit before picking up the speed.

    • I just told him that I think he deserves 100% and a lot of stuff has been thrown my way lately that I feel is interfering with the enjoyment of the relationship. I even told him that I love him and I will tell him when I'm ready if we're both willing to try again, but he never really responded to that. He just said that he doesn't know how he feels but he supports and respects my decision and wants to stay friends and that the break up won't affect the way he treats me and that he loves me as a person, friend, or whatever I am to him. But, we haven't really talked that much now and when we do it's a little awkward. I just get this vibe that he hates me or that I'm annoying him. I agree that I should have just took a little break and not break it off completely, but it's a little too late now /:

    • Well of course he isn't happy that it resulted like this, so don't expect him to be all happy rainbows and unicorns. Just give him some time to work out his emotions

  • It's totally normal, just remeber everything happens for a reason. If you guys are meant to be maybe you'll get a shot down the road


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