Girls, Would you stay or would you go? Help?

My boyfriend of 4 years and husband of 5 months was always kind of self-centered and proud, but in the last few months he had been unbearable. He lived as if he were single. He went out to meet new people literally every day (not necessarily girls, but also girls), and even slept out sometimes. He also would tell me not to make plans counting on him, to live as if he were not my husband and think always of myself first. He would also ask me not to say 'I love you' because it made him feel smothered. Eventually, he made plans to go to a music festival for a week, and I thought it would be healthy to spend some days apart.
That week changed us a lot. I started going out with some friends from work and started feeling a crush for one of them, who clearly let me know he was in love with me. All my husband could speak about upon his return was how this festival was the best thing ever, how he made the best friends ever, and would not stop speaking about a particular girl who was SOOO awesome and independent. To make matters worse, when I told him we needed to change something in our relationship because lately I felt better alone than with him, he jumped to wanting divorce immediately. It escalated SO fast. In the last 2 weeks we have been completely lost. In one minute we are sure divorce is the only possible solution due to how differently we perceive marriage and love, the next we are considering couple therapy and hugging, talking for hours. I have no idea what will happen, but everybody seems to be telling us to just give up and move on. However, the very thought of never seeing him again, or imagining him dating someone else and living the dreams I wanted to live with him, makes me want to scream and punch something. I know I could be happy alone or with somebody else too, but I can't seem to let go of everything we built. Did you ever find yourself confused about what to do with your relationship (married or not)?
Girls, Would you stay or would you go? Help?
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