So I decided to try and find ex online and couldn't even find anything?

background I had been intentionally avoiding looking at any of her social media pages since the start of this year and had not seen her instagram since jan 1 . I'm not really sure what she is up to exactly , from what I know she went to Thailand for work around march of this year. all I was able to find online about her what a very short post about her on the school's website where she is working there. her instagram used to be open and easy to find , I couldn't find it when searching although was one locked account by her name that might of been her? I also cannot find her facebook either and she doesn't have twitter. she must be keeping in touch with family back home somehow but clearly not publicly or through common sites.

I had just looked for her page out of curiousity , wondering what she was up to , from the website of the school she is at , does seem like she's at a nice school in an interesting part of Thailand but couldn't find out anything else about what she's doing there. I haven't heard anything from her since feb of this year. her image at this school appeared much more "conservative " than I was used to , haven't seen a picture of her that sober in years , but maybe she gave up drinking and is having a good time there but is so many tourist bars in Thailand I somehow doubt she really has. maybe she hid all her social media pages so her employer wouldn't find them and realise who she really is?

should I just give up trying to find her? I don't see this going anywhere?
So I decided to try and find ex online and couldn't even find anything?
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