He dumped me and asked me to do this later, what do you think he's trying to do?

I was dumped last month by someone I loved dearly, still trying to get over it. Last week he called to see if I told anyone yet, I had, but just my best friend and one of my sisters. I did not give detail, only that we broke up. He wants me to now tell others that it was mutual, not that he did it, because he feels his whole family will turn against him for breaking my heart and my kid's too. He doesn't want my family to know the truth either. In fact, he said we should now tell anyone that already knows that we are working on things and taking it slow to see how things go. He then said he wanted to try to work it out for real, so I said ok. I have been an emotional wreck and I wanted him back but now I am not so sure. By the way, working on things doesn't jive since we haven't talked in over a week and he ignored two texts I sent to him, also he became annoyed at me the last time we did speak and was rude for part of the call. I really find it alarming that he is SO worried about what his family will think about him ending the relationship himself. He is a grown man but has told me in the past that his sister told him not to hurt me AND that if he did she would never speak to him again. In addition, he has told me that he was once the black sheep of his family. He is 37, never married but has 3 kids, two born at the same time by two different mothers but I gave him a chance. Finally, for part of our relationship, he would say that he was so in love with me "right now" and that he was so serious about this relationship that he wouldn't let anything mess it up, that he wasn't going to mess up and come between us. On a side note, I turned that "right now" thing around on him one day, he was floored and asked what I meant by that. I said he said it all the time... he stopped after that day. Finally, we were together three years, had plans to build our own home and he put a lot of ideas into my kids minds about becoming a family and building us a house, devasated.
He dumped me and asked me to do this later, what do you think he's trying to do?
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