My boyfriend wants to break up with me. Help?

I am having an anxiety attack right now because my boyfriend wants to break up with me. Our relationship is not perfect and it is super hard for us to spend time together because he is always gone in the military. I still live with my parents and they do not permit me to date even though I am an adult but my boyfriend and I work through that we both agreed that we both loved each other and that was all that mattered. He was willing to help me sneak out at night and I was willing to get caught for him because I love him that much. We never really get a chance to spend time with each other and that is what he is so pissed off about. He knows that I am limited to my whereabouts but he claims that I am just making up excuses because I do not want to spend time with him (not true). I really want to be with him and spend all of my time with him it is just that I can't. He accepts that and he apologizes all the time and tells me that he understands but he is the first one to get upset when one of our dates gets cancelled. I planned a wonderful date just for the two of us and I texted him like 4 days ahead letting him know that I was not going to be able to make it but he did not get the message because he ignores half of the texts I send him. Now he is pissed at me yelling talking about "Your a liar. I don't believe anything you say anymore all you do is lie and not want to hang out with me why are we even together?" We got into an argument about not being able to hang out and usually when he argue he comes to his senses and apologizes but this time he is not answering me and promoting that we break up because he says that he can't do this anymore. How does he think I feel when I am waiting 7 months for him to come back home to see me after deployment? This whole relationship is not fair! I want us to be a thing and work it out I'm not going to leave him but Im not going to let him call me a liar. Advice?
My boyfriend wants to break up with me. Help?
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